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Welcome to Healing Steps! I’m glad you are here. I am currently providing therapy at my office in NE Portland and through Telehealth; a secure HIPPA approved platform. Many people are experiencing increasing anxiety and depression due to the pandemic. I want to reassure you that I am well versed in helping people through anxiety and depression issues.

I also have two specialty areas in my practice: working with children and parents through adoption issues, and working with children whose parents are experiencing separation or divorce.

As a certified adoption specialist, I help adoptive parents and adopted children navigate through the unique developmental stages adoption brings. I also assist birth parents and adult adoptees with the complexities of search and reunion issues so they can complete their stories.

My other specialty is working with children who are affected by their parents’ separation or divorce. I help children move beyond their wall of silence or anger. As a result, children have a clearer understanding of their emotions and can adapt to this major adjustment in their lives.

I bring warmth, honesty, and a playful spirit to connect with my clients. By building strong rapport with children, and taking therapy at the child’s pace, they are better able to express themselves.

Being an adoptee, a mom, and a step-parent myself, I feel passionate about the connections I make to help families have stronger, happier relationships.

Parents working with me often gain a better understanding and insight into their child’s behavior. My goal is to facilitate a process where parents will discover creative ways to support their children while strengthening their embrace of parenting.

“It takes strength to talk about our feelings and to reach out for help and comfort when we need it.”

- Mr. Rogers -

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About Nancy F. Nasser-Marsh

As a child and as a mother, I have always admired Mr. Rogers. I loved his warm and authentic ability to talk to children about their feelings. I marvel at how he personally responded to all his viewer’s letters, and I remember a particular letter he shared which was written by a girl who was blind. She was concerned that he was not remembering to feed the fish. He wrote back assuring her he would let all the children know when he was feeding the fish each day, and every episode after that, he made sure to announce it. This small act of kindness probably helped many children feel confident in the care of the fish, and the girl made a difference.

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